Your Credit Score

Always think carefully when taking out a joint financial product because if your partner gets into financial trouble it will most likely impact your credit rating, even if you split up years before. The connection will remain on your credit report for six years even if the account is closed. If unfortunately your relationship ends make sure you 'uncouple' your financial records.

If you are applying for new credit, check your credit report. If you discover that you are still linked to someone who you no longer have connection to then contact the credit reference agencies and ask for the connection to be severed.

Also remember that to build up a good credit rating make sure you and your partner each pay some of the utility bills. If only one of you pays the household bills then only that person's credit rating is affected.

To check your credit rating for free; go to ClearScore for your Equifax credit score and report, or access your Experian credit report through MoneySavingExpert's Credit Club.

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