Get organised and save money!!

2018 is a New Year, so make a new you, get organised and start saving. Be realistic and just by changing a couple of things you do each week, could, very quickly make you notice a difference. See if any of the following tips could work for you:

1. Make a weekly meal planner and only buy exactly what you need.

2. Live out of your cupboards for a week instead of buying the same food again. is a really good website with recipes ideas on how to use up your leftover's.

3. If you do go out to eat, ask for tap water instead of bottled water.

4. Don't throw away clothes just because they have a small tear or a button missing, repair them.

5. Take half an hour to go through your bank statements and make sure all your Direct Debits are relevant, don't be paying for pet insurance for pets you no longer have!!

6. Check price comparison web sites and see if you can save money on your gas and electricity suppliers.

7. Walk wherever possible and save on the bus fair, you will be healthier too.

8. Make your own baby food and freeze. Its a fraction of the cost of baby jars and pouches.

9. Buy frozen vegetables so you don't throw away whats gone off before you have used it.

10. Look up which supermarkets are trying to entice you to be a customer with a money off voucher for your first online shop.


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